BLOCHSOX™ Now Available!

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BLOCHSOX™ Now Available!

BLOCHSOX™ were designed to enhance your contemporary dance training by providing you with a variety of enhanced features that will make you never want to wear regular socks for training, ever again. A specially designed spin-spot area features extra padding to protect your bones, while the exterior of the sock has a “brake line” to give you full control. BLOCHSOX™ provide stability when you want it and allow you to turn. These socks have been engineered to hold their shape better than regular socks. A padded heel, compression arch, as well as the ability to wear these socks with your street shoes to the studio, make this the most high tech dance sock on the market.

1. Double Welt Top Line The built-in spin-spot has been designed to allow you turn smoothly and protects the bones of your feet.

2. Spin-Spot Special control lines have been added to the outside of BLOCHSOX™ that give you complete control of your dance routine, while internal grip lines keep the sock snug to the foot and in-place while dancing.

3. Control Lines Lycra Spandex materials adds stretch and compression throughout the socks for a natural fit.

4. Enhanced Arch – BLOCHSOX™ have been designed with a compression arch to hug your foot the entire time, giving you clean lines and supporting your foot leaving you feeling more energized.

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